Skylabs Terrain has teamed up with Battle Kiwi to provide our friends down under the opportunity to buy our terrain without the high shipping costs.  Please visit this link to make your purchase:


We at Skylabs Terrain love our customers and are proud of their fantastic work painting our products.  We are dedicating a special spot on our blog to display your amazing work. So, if you paint one of our buildings, please share with us!


hangarhangar 3hangar 2




FEBRUARY 2019:  Skylabs Terrain had the privilege to have a full table at the Old Dominion Disagreement thanks to our pals, Erick Johnson and Richard Critte.  We were honored to be one of the sponsors.  Check out the awesome table giveway pictures  below.  


OCTOBER 2018: Skylabs Terrain supported our friend Thomas Schadle over at MayaCast, who hosted Arizona Armageddon, III this past weekend.   We were happy to donate our Quick-Up Bundle pack, our Command Room and a M.A.M.M.O.T.H.

Congratulations to the winners below, we hope you enjoy our products!

winner 2winner 1


JUNE 2018:  We, at Skylabs Terrain, are dog lovers, so we decided what better way to support Dogfinity than to donate a M.A.M.M.O.T.H.  Dogfinity is doing great things for man’s best friend and we wanted to support their cause.  Check them out at

Thank you to Dogfinity for the great post on their facebook page!  See post below:

“Awesome News!
We have our first prize sponsor!

Our first committed sponsor is Skylabs Terrain. They are making some really cool new stuff that is unlike most of what is on the market. They are sending us one of their awesome new “Mammoth” vehicles.

This is a great up and coming company, please take a few minutes to check them out and if you need terrain give them your business!” Dogfinity/Orlando, FL.


-We are up and running on Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.  We are working on other social media networks as well to get our brand out there. 

-Thank you to Richard Critt of Manassas Park, VA for posting a picture of our product, M.A.M.M.O.T.H., on his facebook page.  It is posts like this that help our brand get out there.  I have attached a few pictures below as well as Richard’s comment. 

Skylabs Terrain is supporting the tournament with one of their amazing new Mammoth crawlers for the prize pool!”Richard Critt/Manassas Park, VA 

mammoth 01mammoth 02


-Thank you to Justin Bretthorst of Savannath, GA for posting a picture of our product, M.A.M.M.O.T.H., on WGC Infinity Facebook site.  I have attached the picture below as well as Justin’s comment.  The M.A.M.M.O.T.H. is definitely a beast and dominates the table top, as you can see. 

 “StarCo Unit Dismounts it’s Mammoth and moves into the city where it was tasked with breaking up illegal Aristeia rings. Skylabs TerrainJustin Bretthorst/Savannath, GA



The Quick-up line was created for the “traveling” gamer or Warcor.  We do not always feel like lugging around a bunch of terrain and as nice as the cardboard/paper buildings are, they can be a pain.  These buildings go up in seconds and are very sturdy.  Check them out below or in our online store.

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How did we come up with this name?  We decided to make the naming of this beast a contest for our Facebook followers.  We received a ton of great names, like A-TRAC, M.A.R.V., H.E.R.C., A.T.L.A.S., B.E.A.S.T.  After careful consideration, we felt that M.A.M.M.O.T.H. fit this vehicle best!  Thank you to Justin Bretthorst of Savannah, GA, who came up with this clever acronym, which means Military And Medical Mobile Operations Trauma Hub.  Justin won our first mock up of the M.AM.M.O.T.H.  Congratulations!  Stay tune for our next contest!